Our Services

Omni Investigations Inc. is a full service investigative company, with all employees fully licensed, bonded and insured. The majority of our investigations are conducted in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Insurance Claims

We offer investigative support for insurance carriers, self-insured, and third-party administrators for life, health, and casualty markets including: workers compensation, liability, personal injury, continuance of disability, eligibility, questionable and contestable death and subrogation. Investigations include, but are not limited to activity checks, assest searches, locates, survelliances and statements.

Background Investigations

Pre and post employment investigations to help select prospective employees, or those you are considering for promotion, a program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Sources of information may include a check of credit history, drivers history, neighborhood verification and interviews, employment history, education verification, and character references (both listed and developed).

Undercover Investigations

An operative can be placed in your workplace to help identify problems such as illegal drug and alcohol use, employee and external theft, employee production and unacceptable employee activity (theft of time, collusion, and sabotage), supervision and management practices, and company procedures and employee morale. We also include recommendations to correct potential or existing problems.


Legal Investigations

Services include witness and missing person location, surveillance, subpoena service, plus background investigations of prospective jurors and witneses.


Shopping Service and Audits

Used to evaluate employee integrity, duties, procedures, and quality of customer service (hotels, bars, retail, etc.).


Due Diligence

Sound business decisions require thorough and objective due diligence. Investigation reports include financial, civil, criminal, and business records to assure no hidden liabilities exist.

Additional Services

Mobile and Stationary Surveillance

is used to detect unauthorized activities or movement by covert investigative methods.

Timely Investigations

We provide quality, confidential and cost-effective investigations that deliver case results in a timely manner.

Security Surveys

(risk management) include an analysis of physical locations, policies and procedures, overall security and liability. Recommendations are included to correct potential or existing problems.

Omni also provides

Photography, consulting Services, Motor Vehicle and Insurance Information, In House Data Base System, Interrogations.

Courtroom Testimony

We stand behind our findings through credible courtroom testimony.


Who we are

Omni Investigations Inc. is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Pennsylvania corporation that performs various types of investigations. Omni was formed in 1990, with the principle having numerous years of investigative experience prior to this date. We conduct investigations both locally and nationwide.

Our philosophy

Omni is a mid size company, small enough to give personal attention to each file, yet large enough to complete the job in a cost effective, professional and time efficient manner.

Our approach

Beginning with the initial client contact, we work together to set guidelines, a budget, and specific objectives. Through various methods of communiction, we appraise you of the facts and deliver results.

Request Services

Assignments can be placed by submitting the form below, calling our office at (610) 935-6950 to verbally discuss the assignment, or printing the request form and sending it via fax (610) 935-6954.

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